Stoical Smiles…

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all are having fun and in high spirits.
As the weekend approaches my idea of having fun and spending time in various ways, you know, just to add some excitement in life randomly, keeps changing and yes you are welcome because all of us are on the same boat. The heat is killing people, plans and general spirits but we all were expecting this and hey,let’s face it and try to make the best out of it!
Today’s fashion report is based on how I feel exactly- calm, composed and stoical even though my mind is rushing in and out, up and down with endless thoughts, can’t say exactly what. But lets just take it like this- I went to my therapist and he directed me to the shopping mall. Haha!
Therefore, a lil shopping never hurt anyone except my dad’s teary pocket !:P
So here I am with an all new – head to toe single tone outfit which is more than awesome to carry off on a hot summer semi-casual occasion. Check out below and see the righteousness of whiteousness !








Features : Mango , Carlton London , Forever 21, Zara, MAC, Maybelline

Hope you guys liked this

thanks for reading!’

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