The Blithe Soul..

Today I am waking up as a law graduate, struggling through my summer quilt to get out just to see that  I am no longer waking up for college. I am free and looks like, for the first time I am not happy being free. It is a weird feeling to not know what’s next .. at least for a while. To know that suddenly you are not going to meet up the people you have lived with for 5 years because they all have stepped into the so -called- real life and like me, it has hit all of us! But then that’s okay.. That’s why we stepped into college- to get out one day and start a new phase. Somehow, if you get out of college with people you like, I think you are pretty ready for the outside world and I think this phase is going to be fun as well!
So here I am, talking to you as a to-be-lawyer and a fashion blogger, starting my new phase of life with all of you and looking forward to happily juggle between my two professions !!
Coming to business, Today I am here with my next fashion report and I need not say more about where I have been all this while- Guys, I was finishing law school and that is one hell of a big task!k.
As the sun is tearing us apart and we are running indoors, we sometimes can’t help but to get out and face it. So what’s in store?.. A real easy going casual croppy with a pair of not so fitted- undisciplined denims with sunglasses can save you from the heat and (fashion whip) . Please just stuff in your bag with sunscreen, a mint-cooling lip balm, tissues, matte face powder, refreshing body mist, loads of crunchies, water bottle! (at the least) and beat the heat with confidence!… Check out below and see how you can carry off a casual lunch with this look. 🙂







Hope you guys liked this, loads of summer fashion fun coming up, stay put! 
🙂 see you sooooon 

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