What’s NOT all that wrong with #hashtagSELFIES !

Hellowww my fellowws !
Hope you guys are having a blast and enjoying the summer.
I am here today to throw up on a topic that’s been burning many internet pages lately and No! It is not Indian Politics Christmas. Though it would be wiser for me to write about that but how I wish if that’s what I wanted. Anyhow,  I am here to talk about the word of the year ‘SELFIE’ .
Now Now Now, even though our phone memory cards and facebook and twitter and instagram and things like that are FLOODED with pictures of you all (and I am also talking to myself here) , I don’t see anything going THAT wrong about it. Now I am sure there are people ready to hit me with their opinions on this and they are welcome, but I still feel, I have some soft corner for #selfielovers . Even though we have haters of all topics on this earth, critics as you call them, I took a few minutes to introspect whether I hate selfies or not. Now clearly I love getting clicked because that’s the point of this fashion blog, but do I also love clicking my own pictures? Well Yes. #confessionNo.1.
I agree, too much of everything is bad. Like the duck-faces. But my point being, we all can take a chiller when it comes to topics like these. I mean , is this even a topic? Dear Critics, the world is waiting for your expert comments on everything, really, but please leave the selfless selfie lovers alone. Now it is not as bad you think. I am not sure about the guys out there, but I can speak for the women. I don’t see no problem in clicking oneself when your’e ready , feeling sexy or just having some self-boosting moments with yourself. If a good picture of you makes you happy, click ! That’s it. Not that they going to stop if you hate these #selfielovers. They don’t really care. They love it when they are appreciated and there is nothing wrong in that.
Now for the people who have a life and have better things to talk about than reading this right now, we don’t hate you either. Really. It is great that you think differently cz we need people like you to balance shizz out. So why be a spoiler for us? Not that we are not doing stuff in life. We are all happy in our spaces , doing our job and contended with what’s going on with us.
Also, even though I am favoring you guys (You selfie-ers), Don’t get super excited and jam the internet with ceaseless pictures of yourself. PLEASE. Never over-do it. Once a while, that sexy you, posing happily is great, but ALL THE TIME. No. That’s the trick right there, so get the point.
Long story cut short. Chill the Eff out and don’t stress over selfies. Live and Let live.





Hope you guys liked this !
see you sooooon!
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