Heart Breaker …

Hello My fellow heart breakers..
Hope it is going well at your end and you guys are super bucked up for the week(thatshould)end !
I am here with my next fashion report( too much of me saying that) and this time you are loving it! (again)
But before that, a quick shout out for all those women who are sitting in that corner , staring at the laptop screen and crying listening to some sadist songwriters and mourning over some trash-heads ! You ! stop!. Yes.
 I am sure all of us have populous problems to cry about and being a women, we love to add more, but that is ok. I am here to remind you about all the seconds you are wasting because of few other stupid humans       ( that’s like the worst time killer ever) and that someday, at some point of life, you , my lady, gotta stop!. So whether you want to ruin yourself and stop or you want to gather yourself up in style and in time, is your choice. You know, a lot of you must be throwing stones at me reading this,because you feel its easier said than done. But lady, been there done that is all i’d say. So yes, trust me when I say this, you are the one and only decision maker of in life,about your life. And if that is not the case, earn it, snatch it, take it. But just keep it with yourself. You’d be thrown down so many times, you won’t have expected that number. But how many times you have gotten up is all that matters in the end. Too much of lecturing is not my thing.. so get the point straight up. START LIVING your own life and stop getting bothered. Even if it’s the hardest thing to do, just do it. Why? Because clearly you have no other choice. I hope that works. Now I invite you to read my fashion report but before that, you are all allowed to make as many nasty calls as you want – to the trash-heads. Just one last thing, get over it. let go. peace out.
Woah! After the heavy dosage, let’s see what we got in here. I am not loving the summers too much but still making the best of it. A great casual statement top.. quoted or not, are my best friends for today , the good old boyfriend jeans and my hefty handbag is a perfect stew for a weekend all day all night outing. It is a fashion favorite and a painless choice for what to wear quickly. Check out how spangle street is breaking a few hearts lately..





Hope you guys liked this!
See you realllyyyy soon!

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