Hey all !
How are you doing? It has been a very busy week for me -doing nothing! Life has been pretty good and I wish to hear the same from you. Being honest never killed anybody, umm, not true, but still, here I am telling you how drowsy I feel today. Yet to get rid of the weariness, I logged in and decided to show up with my next fashion report. So? Step in.. 🙂
I personally LOVE pencil skirts for the simple reason that they have the best cut ever!. I am going to talk about how colossal its area of functioning is, however technical that sounded. All shapes, all sizes, all colors and all style rules sorted with just one garment- The pencils. I am sure we know how they came into vogue. They were meant strictly for a neat, formal sense of style. But, we love our fashion gods for giving it a whole new meaning. You can wear it casually and take it to a next level with simple rules and intelligent accessorizing. For formals, the deal is not as big. We know how we wear them, been there, done that. For casuals, just remember to style them with really cool tshirts, rolled up sleeves, statement necklaces and heels!.. They look chic chief level and can hardly go wrong. Check out below and see how I wear my real casual tartans and blend them with a formal pencil skirt. In my second look, I carry bright British spring shirt and statement accessories to win over my welcome-summer look.







Hope you guys liked this.
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