A Date with Dots.

Hey Hey Hey !
How are you allll ya good people!!!?
Who was that girl doing some major heavy writing in the last post? ME? No! yes! No ! Yes!? Haha, YES. Alright, as serious as that sounded, I am happy to know how much you’ve loved every bit of it and I am thankful to everyone for the same. Ofcourse there are times when you want to scribble down everything that has been on your mind like a machine in full spin and ofcourse you love that feeling flowing just after you’ve done it. But here I am with my afterglow with this next fashion report on polkaaaaah dots!
So do I love polka dots? Not like i’d kill for them. But sometimes, I am in a mood where I find almost everything really funny and because I don’t get too vocal about my feelings, I try to portray them with my clothes. How I use my over-sized polka shirt on such a day is not as lame as the previous explanation I just gave. So check it out!




I have taken the easier road by picking all my all time favorite colors. Navy blue can hardly go wrong, tan can never go wrong and super washed out pants are always a good companion. This very easy going day outfit is great for a shopping day out or just a casual stroll. I had to brighten up my lips because I LOVE TO.
 Hope you guys liked this. See you soooooon!

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