Black Rose..

As I wake up all weary, out of my pipe dreams,rubbing my eyes,searching for hot coffee and logging into my facebook, checking up on updates from thousands of acquaintances on my list, which the facebook forcefully calls as ‘friends’ , I wonder where I fit into their lives, or for that matter , where and how do they fit into mine, I manage to log out with that unclear feeling and drag myself out of the bed on this one late Sunday evening. Today I am pretty dreamy and I am taking a break from telling you about my next fashion report, gosh! Have I used this word a lot? Seems like. Nevertheless, welcome home beautiful souls,let’s go on a quick thought journey, come here, grab my hand….
All of us are on this trip, ego trip? ya maybe, actually yes!.. Searching for something which appears to be too lost, but wait, what is that exactly? We don’t know. It is a weird world, but we are very much a part of it. Somewhere, someone does stop you know, looks above his running feet, probably feels the air hitting his cheeks, that moment, you realize, not that your’e going right or wrong, but where you actually are, and that you know, is enough. The moment you know ‘where’ you are, you immediately get to know if it’s right or not. That, my friend is an in built system, we all have it, God that way, is pretty smart.
You know, this woman, she has seen the colors of this world, hah, she decides to carry them on her hairband, with a pinch of salt. It is sad, she knows, really sad, but it is OK! Why? because she knows she can deal with it. Oh boy! And she can deal with it really well. It’s OK, as I said. It is OK to hide your cries behind your makeup. After all, when you do that, you forget about all the crap,ahem, going on around you and you decide to smile, even if its just during the application of your blush.
You, my friend, will have to deal with all kinds of people. Gosh, that is such a stretched line. Kind of people? What is that exactly?.. There are no kinds. There are only these multiple thoughts of righteousness,wrongness, greatness,kindness,happiness,sadness,rudeness and the like that function in YOUR brain and you choose a person to be of that ‘kind’. You choose who hates you, you choose who loves you, you choose who takes you for a ride and you choose who you will sort out right. So sit back and take a deep breath, the cord is in your hand.
So am I living in a fool’s paradise? Ya, maybe. But I allow myself to do that. I allow myself to make mistakes and I allow myself to correct them. I don’t want to be perfect so early, oh yes I want to die perfect. But not now, it is too early. I want to eat the whole bowl and taste it too. I want to feel every emotion to reach that perfection. So I don’t mind living a golden dream, until it remains mine. My soul has to be the sole owner of my dreams,that’s my goal. Now people will hate you- to the core, for what you do to them, they will allow themselves to get affected by you, but that is normal, it happens,actually it’s important to happen. I like my coffee strong anyways, sugar is not my friend.
Just live up,you know. Time is ticking really fast. It is almost breaking the clock!.. Run ! because you won’t get today back, but do sit back for a while and see. Seeing is important. See and feel. Forgive a person even if he’s done one good thing to you. Smile so much, your cheeks hurt. Get up and get ready, no matter how you want to, forget the critics, they have a bad sense of style anyways. You love makeup? I love it too. Go and shop! I can kill for good shoes, let’s do that this weekend. I am so so hungry. I want to eat all the junk possible. Gosh, are you still waiting to clear some air with that friend you just had a fight with? Go now! Learn to let them go, jump back into your life, vanish and come back like a bloomed flower. It’s OK, don’t stress. This and That. Everything will be left here. Everything. You will take your soul with you. Sorry, the soul will take you there, right where you have come from and where you are suppose to go. So make sure you fill in your memory book with the things YOU want to remember. Shun the rest. Life is too short, shorter than you think it is. Make the best of it. Make the best of you and die perfectly. You and me? We will reach there. We will reach there…














Well, I have so much to write but let’s keep those words for next time
Until then, BIG HUG ! 

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