Neck Tales.

HEY everyone!!
I hope you all are in the best of your spirits and excited about the messy, fun filled festival of holi ! I wasn’t sure about my face after tomorrow, seeing the Holi color shopping done by my friends, so I quickly thought of writing a post today haha!
I am here with my very next fashion report talking about casual day outfits and how to make them glow with a signature necklace. Why we use signature necklaces and why they are in vogue is because they smoothly brighten the outfit with so much ease, it is difficult to believe! Whether it is a semi-formal outfit or a fun to do outfit, a necklace is quite a winner these days.  Lately I have been grabbing ALL kinds of neck pieces and the lust doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Check out below and see how we recite the neck tales on spangle. 🙂



Hope you all liked this. Share in your spangle way with us on our facebook page and become spangle of the week !

see you sooooooooon

2 thoughts on “Neck Tales.

  1. OMG.. Love your blog and love love your style. Simpy awesome. I mean how do you do this? flawless dressing! Also your photographer and editing skills are truly fabulous 🙂 overall … GOOD JOB 😀


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