Well, It is more than a ‘HI everyone ‘ today.  It is a flashback into this one bewitching journey I have traveled, this beautiful connection I have made with so many people I have never met, this great experience of writing my heart out, this strong loving fashion connection , the I-am-happy , I-am-sad, I-am-pmsing, I-am-angry, I-am-glad writings, the overwhelming love from my followers, all this, and today, 1 year of Spangling.. !! THANK YOU all for being a part of this oh-so-not famous blog, yet loving it from your hearts and pushing me everyday to drive the truck and drive it smooth, I couldn’t have done it without you all… 
We are not running anywhere, Spangle Street is right here for you, just the way it was 1 year ago. This blog is much more than fashion. And yes, I know you all know that. I write for you and it is always going to be this way! Remember we are a big fat family ? Only with better clothes!

love, or something like that !

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