Hi and a group hug to all my Spangles !
I hope you all are doing great and all set for the mid- week crisis savior-Wednesday!
Let me start up with a pro tip : If your day sucked and you are not down with THE Valentines hyper-fever yet, listen to Icona Pop’s ‘I love it’ on repeat. It WORKS! (why? coz you’re from the seventies and I am the nineties b**ch! yeah? )
I am here with my next fashion report to save the day and make you feel better. Let us all celebrate a Green Valentines Day, peaceful , soothing and without that thing called’ MAN’. ( haha)
Check out below and see and how we roll the greens this sunny winter morning .
I am wearing the most ill-fitted wraparound cardigan from my wardrobe and that’s my favorite thing or what! It’s warm , it’s sexy and I love the olive green lights that it is throwing out. It’s a great day wear and super comfortable. To make the outfit little more quirky, I am wearing the cardi with a crop casual t-shirt and denims. The undertones are kept wintery, the greens and navy blues and blacks and the Highlighter is a pure white tee to soothe your eyes for a sunny (too sunny!!) day wear. Kinky ankles length booties ,animal print statement tribal necklace and my most favorite tan bag are my friends for the day.



 Cardigan: Zara
Denims : Only
Top: Forever 21
Bag: Hidesign



Hope you guys liked this!.
See you soon and have a super fun filled week !

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