Mystifying Maroon..

Hi  Everyone !
Hope the weekend is going great and very merry.
As shocked as you might be, I am here as a consort to all you people out there who decided to stay back bed this Saturday, just like me. Before I sleep in just in time (huh? ), I am here with my next very short, simple, classic fashion report. Maroon is quite a color this winter and we all love to use it in all possible ways. From heavy duty cardigans to sweaties to skirts to jackets to my favorite denims, I love maroon. Now what to quickly wear to a cocktail is what you see here. I love dark colors for the night and they are what they call the fashion thumb-rule for a very long time now. (Let’s break that one day?)
Check out below and see how just a simple thick flared short cocktail dress done with simple heels and a few statement accessories can do wonders. I have particularly zoomed in my cat-eye, victorian makeup . For a change, I left my hair the way they were, wavy and undone (you know the trick). Never-ever-ever- leave without a great smelling perfume to set the place ablaze . (Now we all know that).




Hope you guys liked this !
Keep in touch
Flying kisses!

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