Tie-d affair..

Hello Fellows!
Hope you all are in high spirits and perfectly fine -tuned with the chilly winters. As I almost come to an end with my lazily spent 1 month old holiday, I wonder what I really did. If I come to think of it, I remember only my bed and ceaseless coffee!
The Whys and Hows and Whats of this laziness is nothing but a tiresome last year. 2014 has set-in my heart and mind and I love the positivity ,freshness and zeal it seems to offer.  I am sure all of you have plans and wishes from my side for them fulfill ASAP!.
Today I am here with you to share  a very fun , free , fresh kind of look. I have this on my mind since forever and finally I put these into pictures. You all know my undoubted, unconditional love for vintage. In the outfit I am wearing one of my favorite outfit-lifters, A Tie.. Why I love it is because it effortlessly makes you stand out and injects your outfit with a pinch of sexiness. Whether it’s formal or casual, you can rock this tie-d affair if you mix it well with a lil.. justtt a lil, but very clear fashion sense. Why am I here?.. Exactly to tell you how! Check out..


This casual outfit is a total impression thrower as the coolness of this look rests totally on one different accessory, being the tie. I wore a subtle washed denim shirt and rugged pair of denims and matched the denim bag with the rest of the look. I kept the base light- the clothes and the heels and added a color bomb tie matching with the bag. I love cute ponytails and no makeup-makeup look for the day. Pro tip: Finish with a sunny , light perfume to make heads turn instantly.



Hope you all enjoyed this. Waiting for all my spangles to try this and share with me on our Facebook page ! see you soon

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