Jagged Roads..

Hi there spangles !
A BIG gigantic hug to all of you. I have been missing you guys as much as you did and please excuse me for vanishing for a while. I was off everything and the sole reason was this killing weather. I know as a fashion saint, I am suppose to love all weathers and, I do! But all of you know I hate getting out on foggy days. Hence, the laziness. (guilty).
I am here today with my next fashion report. It was unplanned and very quick. I love leather for winters. Its like my best friend. It is always in trend, extremely comfortable, widely usable with winter outfits and a great winter warrior .
As you see here, I have gone for a very snug look for the day. I pulled out my comfy tshirt from Tommy Hilfiger , My dark toned skinny denims from ONLY and a boyfriend leather jacket from Kenneth Cole . I love adding chic jewelry to my sporty, rough look for the winters. I think they are very different and gives an overall oomph to the outfit. I am in love with my black suede rampage boots because they are ultra easy on your feet. Soft curls , red matt lipstick, cat eyes and Raybans are my friends for the day.




Hope you guys liked this and bookmark Spangle Street for more fashion dosage.

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