Assembling 2013…

 HAPPY 2014 !!!!!!
Hello my pretty pretty people… I hope you all had a gala time on the New Year’s Eve and now totally bucked up for 2014.  I am glad that I am entering 2014 with Spangle Street’s almost famous reputation and I thank you all with my heart for this. It was a great year for me  and also a fun-filled bumpy ride!
I am here today just to thank you all for the love and support I received and respecting my thoughts, added with big chunks of fashion dosage that I typed out in this blog.
From a few newspaper/magazine coverage to interaction through facebook, I have had a great time with you guys and would always look forward to it. This year is going to be even better for all you spangles as we come up with new conceptual shoots and work on building our casual fashion reputation even stronger!
 We shall have contests, giveaways, spangle of the week etc. stuff to pep up our facebook page.
Once again , thanks to everyone reading my posts and showing such unconditional love that I will always value.  Here’s a quick view of what we were upto, let pretty bygones be bygones and welcome new fashion fairies for the year 2014.   Are we ready!? :*








I have lots to write but I shall stop now and save something for the next time.
Wis you all a prosperous new year.
until then, remember, fashion is for all , fashion is everywhere. Your style is unique because it’s you and that’s the best thing you can be!
Stay in touch

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