Mind The Unruly Mind…

Helloww Hellow !
How are you all doing?
I know I am bringing this up again, but dude! the love I am getting from all you beautiful spangles is just too overwhelming to ignore. Thank you so much.
Have you thought to yourself ,you might want to sit back and take a chill-pill sometime? Yes, I know we all do. It is really great and important to relax and break a rule or two. Be the bad one, being the good one and your life is totally complete. Take chances, have a few regrets, learn from your mistakes, repeat them again if you want, but, just be YOU. I’d tell you, my favorite hobby is to look for things I like and most importantly appreciate them! You know , while browsing on the internet, when I open my Google window, I see a biiiiig world which is so so diverse and beautiful , one life isn’t enough to capture that all (probably my only regret in life). We are one enormous family! ( ha ha? )
I am here today with my next fashion report as honestly I was glad the sun came out and lessened my continuous shivers. We decide to be the bad girls today and ouch, we just don’t mind that , do we? 😉
The outfit that I am wearing describes winter casuals the best. You know those days when the winter days are acting funny? .. Hot days and ruthless cold evenings? yes. Beat that with this fashion idea. My favorite crop top with boyfriend jeans, leather boots and tigress statement necklace, yummy red lipstick and oh-i-don’t-care-hair and my adorable bear overcoat to keep me warm. Life is set. tada!  Check out below and please don’t ignore the spiked hairband or i’l poke ya. *sweet*













Hope you guys liked this. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest and we shall meet soon!

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