She’s Only Happy In The Sun..

Hi and a big warm hug to all my beautiful spangles !
Hope you all are doing great and putting up well with  the ‘severe’ winter. (dreaded) !
I am back after a jam-packed schedule which is still, as jam-packed and here with a warm fashion report!
As the winters set in (like seriously) , I thought of summing up the fall winter trends with this fashion report. We are going to see some hardcore winter fashion in the following posts, just by the way!
Winter sunshine is bliss. After the coldest nights, a bright new sun the next morning is enough to brighten up your day. I suggest to really take that as an advantage and brighten up your attire for the day too. Grab a basic, bright cardigan/sweater and and throw in with some unusual fashion accessories. It’s exactly as simple as it looks and it is super cute too. You can play with bright colors just the way you want (no! not all of you.) Alright, check out below and see how I am in happy the sun! ( I love that song by the way)





I hope you liked this and thank you once again for reading!
See you around!!!

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