Candies ..

Howdy Spangles !
Weekend is here and so is the excitement.
We all are still waiting for the harsh winters to set in (or maybe not !?) but this weather is close to perfect! Sunny days and chilly evenings seem dreamy and December festivity is in the air.
Cold hands and nose, endless coffee , long drives and sunshine. Lost 2013 resolution lists, future plannings , good and bad memories and BIG welcome preparations for 2014. YES! that’s what is up !
Next fashion post is here . Something that would put your mind and body at ease! Semi- formals with a blast of creamy colors is something you ought to try! Grab a winter blazer with the best denims you have and play around with a two-tone outfit by adding a sweetened colorful scarf. It is one of my favorite day -wears and just so effortless! It’s always great to add that spark on your face ( not literally) but, with a bright lipstick . Make sure you pick a shade from the candy-colored scarf you wear. Tan-tan all the way, now and always, for the shoes and the bag.
  Check out below for some real candy dosage. *yum*
Hope you guys liked this. Thank you so much for reading!
see you soon!

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