Powder Blue..

Hi Everyone !
What’s been up?
I hope you have welcomed Mr. Monday well and all set for the coming week.
Winters are slowly setting in and for some weird reason the beautiful sun rays are accompanied by cold chilly winds and killing all the fun :/
Nevertheless, the rapid fashion train doesn’t seem to take a halt and the designers are infusing some great trends on shows in their winter collections.
I recommend continuous browsing through sites so you don’t miss these..
Also, a quick news for those who are not connected with me through facebook, we have uploaded a new album ‘what am I googling’ and its completely fun and different, so do log in and check that out.
Today , i’d be doing a quick report on a casual winter outfit.
I absolutely adore the color I am showcasing today. I think its very fresh and different and can be used in thousands of ways. POWDER BLUE.
You can see below I have grabbed a powder blue soft wool cardigan and teamed it with a collared shirt to spiff it up. The regular denims (because they are oh so comfortable!!)
It is a great day wear and totally fit for a Monday morning to wake up the grumpy you!
Check out below and take ideas and share it with us on my facebook page to get featured.








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