Simple as that…

Hi Everyone !
Hope you all are in the best of your spirits .
Firstly ,and again , I want to thank all visitors, viewers and followers on facebook for an overwhelming response to the blog.
It makes me happy to help you out updating and giving fashion suggestions online and I love to answer all the questions!
 We, at spangle street like to take it slow and calm and it is always fun to add a new post without a proper schedule and give you all a surprise.
SO, what’s coming next?
( A LOT!)
I am here with next fashion dosage and will talk about the famous team -black and white.
Last time we did black and white stripes with a pinch of a different color and this time we keep it even more simpler.
Black and white is classic and chic, we all know that like a nursery rhyme . It is the second safest option after your little black dress. It is also something most of you would never go wrong with yet there are fashion monsters on the streets that would make it look old and boring and sometimes horrendous . (agreed)
Check out below and see how we do the black and white :
I have worn a chiffon loose shirt that has a black panel on the shoulder to make it look different from a usual shirt,  teamed with fitted pants that have lace details. On my neck , a couple of junk gold statement necklaces proudly rest and uplift the outfit in a great way.
A color is punched into the whole attire with a bright pink MAC lipstick for the extra oomph. Soft curls for the hair are super romantic and stylish. Even though I am honest enough to say the sun was killing my eyes, yet I will cover it up by telling you I was enjoying every bit of it.
(winters+sun= total bliss)









 (Maybe I am trying to kiss him goodbye. (the sun) )


Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing this post and thank you all for the same.
I am coming soon with a lot of exciting colors !!
lots of love.
See you around.

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