Hi Everyone!
How was your day Sunday?
Mine was totally chilled out and I followed almost all Sunday rules – a great Breakfast , Spa visits , Internet exploration and loads of sleep and coffee!
I am here today with another Fashion report on the famous- Check patterns.  The shoot was not planned and totally random , though I thought of writing a quick post for all of you because Checks are a total YES-YES for this autumn- winter.
They are comfortable and chic , classy and gorgeous and there is no end to the color combinations they are present in.
Check combos , as I said before are available in numerous colors. Big designers focus on experimenting with the checks in all possible ways to make them look  unique. The best thing I like about this pattern is that it is totallyyyy Uni-sexual. There is no demarcation as to what checks a man or a woman are suppose to wear. See below and check out how spangle street goes tartan- on the go !









Hope you guys enjoyed this very randomly quick post of mine 😛
Spangle goes checkered..are you ready to che–che—check?
Share your ideas with me on my facebook page – Spangle Street
Thanks for reading , see you around! 🙂

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