No man’s land…

Hola !
 How are you my pretties?
Happy Mondays are here again and a beautiful change in the weather we were eagerly waiting for.
As I just wake up to a sunset , having my strong coffee , I thought of writing a quick post for all of you to give you a kick start week ahead. We are driving down to the no man’s land so come with me !
The weather change and a romantic chill in the air is as perfect as it sounds and blazers are the best time for it. I picked up my casual butterfly printed shirt with fitted jeans and combined them with a blazer to complete the outfit. I matched my bag with black moccasins to make a set. If you noticed I went for all dark colors and blocked my colors with a statement red necklace. The outfit is great if you are out from morning to evening and don’t have time for a change. It is comfortable , classy and a safe player. Check out the pictures , see and share your own ideas with us on our facebook page.










Thank you all for reading !
see you around , have a great week !

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