Make-up tutorial ! ( Night party , 5 minutes make-up)

HI !
How are you guys doing?
Special hello to this new visitor reading this and a biiiiiiiiig gigantic hug to all my eleven thousand blog visitors and five hundred forty four Facebook followers!
Yes, I count. 😛
Lots of new things are happening and we are coming with big projects but before that , let’s catch up with this new beauty report I have complied for you on – quickest , night-sexy-non-overbearing make up tutorial! 🙂
Often , actually not often but always, no matter how planned our evenings are, we, women always end up making our rooms look earthquake- struck just before a party. (admit it ! : )
I am here to share and lessen your burden by telling you how when we don’t time have left for make-up , we can still do it !
See below and check out , my 5 minute party face-painting ! 😉





YES ! so 8-products , 5 minutes = successful quick party make up. 
There are endless products in the market and there is no end to layering your face with all. 
But , we don’t do the same here. Make-up is no rocket science but it surely is a tricky subject. By that I mean , all you need to do is learn a few tricks that shall give you the results you want and involve so much less effort!. Yes, I know you guys are thinking why I always dwell upon effortless fashion and make-up , it is because no one has enough time and we all are busy even if we are doing nothing. And its the need of the hour to be on fashion track , but duh , how fast we run, is our choice. 
So , setting aside this..umm weird philosophy of mine , lets see how we do this- 
Moisturize your skin with a good cream and make a base. Apply the cc or bb cream according to your skin shade and type. Then cover it with loose powder to keep the shine away. For a night party , I have used chambor blusher that works good as a bronzer as well as a blush and gives the perfect dewy look. For the lips it’s a colorbar- orange obsession lipstick. It is my personal favorite because it can be used both during day and night time. For the eyes, it is my signature look. A cat eye turned into a smokey eye completed with 2 layers of mascara. 
aaand, it is done ! 🙂







No I haven’t used all these products , the sight looked pretty so I put  it up here. 😛

( Above are the actual products used )


Hope this helped! 
Try it out and share it with me , we will feature your ideas with our followers.
Thank you so much for reading!
Have a happy week ahead

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