That side of the country..

Hi Everyone !
Hope you are good and having fun.
It has been a very busy month for me with new projects and lots of socializing !
Thank you to all the facebook followers and blog visitors for their love and support and of-course their honest appreciation towards the blog.
I am here again as my whispering butterfly told me some of you want to see my next fashion report ( and whispering butterfly always gets the purest gossip to me ) 😛
Today I am writing about one of the most hit and sexily successful casual outfits- boyfriend jeans and bright blazers. Blazers- all sizes , all colors and all designs are available in your to-die-for brands almost all year long. From winters to springs to summer collections , blazers are our new all-rounders.
In my outfit here , I have used a bright red blazer , with my favorite crop top and boyfriend-jeans to make a fusion of semi -formal-chic-casual day outfit. I have used a hat and moccasins that compliment my casual fusion outfit with golden accessory details.
Check out below and see how spangle street visits that side of the country..







Casuals are cool and casuals are sexy. Casuals are so you and you know that’s quite true!
(did that just rhyme? )
Thank you all for reading !
Go get inspired and punch in your own ideas and share it with us on our facebook page!
Remember , we are one big family and we share and care , that’s how we roll 😛
See you around!

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