The Indian Arcadian Touch..

Hello Everyone !
Happy weekend 🙂
Hope you all are in the best of your spirits and living life to the fullest , also enjoying the lovely weather just like me !
October-November is here and we say hello to our autumn – winter fashion trends as well. As enthusiastically and warmly I welcome this season , I thought of starting it with something different.
Yes , it is THE Indian wear and finally I write my fashion report on how swiftly the trends are emerging in this busy -busy wedding season this year.
Biggest India-based fashion designers are going crazy over producing so many different outfits and the general trend that you cannot even start to think where it all came from !
From the ethnic wear fashion goddess Ritu Kumar to Pooja Motwani , JJ Valaya to Manish Malhotra ( to name a handful ) , we can’t thank them enough to absolutely change the swing of Indian ethnic-wedding wear.
Showing below are a few outfits that you can buy at jaw-drop pocket friendly prices from my very dear and talented friend Ginnu. My facebook page will have her link , so feel free to order !
The report below showcases what to wear on weddings . It gives you just the right amount of dressing up tips that don’t really make you look like the bride yet very unique and ultra-stylish. I have punched in a few elements of subtle pieces of clothing like my evergreen off-gold well fitted blouse with heavily embroidered and colorful lehengas and khadi-silk and a few more dupattas for those extra grace points !
See below and check out how spangle street does it the Indian way ! 😉





















Thank you all so much for reading
Hope this helps !
Keep in touch and have fun!
see you around pretties

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