Make-up special!.

Hi Everyone !
Happy Saturday pretty girls. (and boys)
I am back , very early this time because I am absolutely free (on a Saturday night , which is sort of sad) and so I thought of doing a quick request beauty report on the kind of make up I use.
Unlike the grandiose make up trends flooding youtube and google , I , as a blogger like to keep it very effortless yet efficacious.  Though it’s best to follow the make – up liturgy established by the best make-up artists around the globe , but come on , accept it , we always don’t have the time and energy for it !
Explained to you below is my quick(est) make-up routine that a lot of our followers wanted to know.
It takes 5 minutes , it’s super easy , super pocket-friendly and a duck soup for beginners too.
Observe the pictures and see how we do this.
Have fun (:













What have I used :
Always start with a primer or a serum to give a protected base to your skin before applying anything on it.
Secondly follow your foundation routine or use a one-step BB or CC cream best suited for your skin type.
Use gel eyeliner for smokey or defined eyes and finish the look with a good kohl pencil. The LIPSTICK I have used here is a Maybelline – the jewels collection – shade- Berry Brilliant.  Always use a good mascara to define your eye lashes and dramatize them. Pink simple blusher from Body Shop is my favorite because it gives a very natural look. Highlight your eye-brows and inner segment of your eye with a shadow stylist.
aaaand.. that is that ! .. You are ready to go.
 Hope this helped. See you on facebook , send us your pictures and new tips of your own and we will share them with other visitors.
Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. John Wiehe says:

    The first step inside setting up a bruise along with point amazing special effects makeup is to pat a little bit of reddish colored from your bruise controls having Increase orange in addition to green to offer the effects the bruise transpired one or two days to weeks in the past.


  2. Hi John! I agree, thanks for an amazing tip!.


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