Hi People !
Hope you all had a great week and super charged for the weekend.
Reaching out to hundreds of facebook and twitter followers and amazing amazing response from the visitors all around the world , I am being loved much more than what I thought I would ever be. ( so THANK YOU) (:
This blog , is a two-way process for me . You learn from me , I learn from you and together we appreciate and have some great conversations over the endless , beautiful and ever-growing fashion industry.
Coming back to the point , Let us talk about my next fashion report about Denims, my forever love and boyfriend jeans!ta-da !!
Denim fashion is prototypical. It’s so flawlessly , casually sexy that you cannot get bored of it , even if you try.
Let us see below how I used denim over denims , my favorite boots and the tan bag. #forever.
Get in my car , we going for a ride! πŸ˜‰








Hope you had fun seeing the pictures , try something new everytime you wear you denims and share it with us on facebook.
Thank you all for reading !

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