Color Wham !

Hi Everyone !
How are you all doing ?!
Hope you had a kick-start Monday and have a great week ahead.
Let us all say a quick hello to my new fashion report . I guarantee, You are going to start loving colors , just like I did after this shoot and no it is NOT disney inspired ( 😛 ) but HIGHLY inspired from the very colorful start to the Spring collections by Desigual  in  New York Fashion Week.
Bright colors can be worn diversely.
You can make use of Bright colors on Bright colors if you know a good contrasting technique. You can make Bright versus Subtle combination outfit and you can use bright colors with varied patterns too such as stripes and checks to name a few. In the current report I tell you how a two- tone bright blouse can be carried with bold stripe-pants. See below and check out.




Carrying bright colors well will always give that extra oomph factor to your personality and it is totally in this season. Try your own outfits and let us know , we will share it with our other followers on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you for reading 🙂
Wishing you a very colorful week ahead!

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