Bonjur September …

Hi Everyone !
Happy Sunday to all you pretty ladies 🙂
Hope you all had a great weekend and pampered yourself to the fullest.
It is September and I am excited for the autumn – winter to start.
With ceaseless fashion trends for the season and climbing onto something fresh , let us all heartily welcome this new month.
WE all have our eyes on what’s going to be in vogue this season and my fashion reports will be strictly focusing on the au courant trends of the upcoming juncture with, of-course , Spangle Street’s jolt in it from time to time.
Best fashion is one that needs the minimal effort and brings out something that gives you a – ‘ oh that’s  a cool’  look.
So I am here with a runway shoot ,me and my team decided to quickly do this Sunday morning that was pretty , ah.. sunny .
I am inspired By Mr. Frank ( hehe) and my facebook tags would tell you who and what that is and so I decided to support the customized t-shirt with my – finally- wheeeee suede boots. ( of which you will see a lot in the next few months ! ;P )
Check out below and see how we do the casual day cum night wear that is extra stylish and strictly comfortable.






Hope you guys liked this , keep in touch for constant updates and chit-chat on my facebook page. 
Thank you for reading !

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