Store Launch .. L’OCCITANE

HI everyone !
Hope you all are having a great week.
I thought of writing a quick product review plus news about  a very newly opened L’occitane – A french brand for skincare , fragrance and various other interesting products. Why it inspired me so much is because after attending the launch party of the same , here at our famous mall , I was very impressed by the products and wanted to share them with you. Lot of you must be already using the products around the world and this beauty report is for everyone – users , non-users and to-be-users.
Read on below and check out about the good things it promises to offer.
So this is an old , international brand that was founded in 1976 in south of France. This is one of the brands that offers products extremely close and manufactured from The Mother Earth. Most of these products are 100% organic.
The main highlights that I noticed were that the collection was very classic and had different fragrances along with being skin friendly .
They offer a number of ranges from flower extracts like- Peony , Immortelle , Lavender , Cherry Blossom , Rose to name a few.  They have a huge range for both men  and women
They also have very nice candles , cleansing tissues , other different toiletries and amazing spa essentials like pillow mists in different flavors to give you a relaxed and sound sleep.
Check your nearest store and grab products that suit your skin type and your choice and have a matchless feeling of being pampered !

Hope this helped !..



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