Go bold with old…

Hi everyone !
Happy Wednesday!
Hope you guys having fun !
I am here with my next fashion report on how old is sexy, how old is classy and how bold you can get with old.
Our history – fashion, in my view was brilliant !
people had great sense of style and so well- defined that it is as fresh as ever even today.
I have already showcased my obsession for vintage fashion and I am here today to take it further.
 Fitted , classy , floral dresses with details of bright color bombs in the outfit gives an extra boost and  makes it stand out .
Why it gives you an extra edge over other outfits is because its not
something you will usually see on the streets.
Check out below and see how we do it the 70’S way.




This fashion era was all about knee length fitted dresses. Classy and unique is what it describes the best. 
Grab a unique dress and dress the 70’s way with 
spangle street.
I am happily waiting for ideas. 
 see you around !
Like my facebook page to buy these dresses online ! 
see you around pretties

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