Flower Child…

Hi everyone !
I hope you all are as high spirited as I am today. A beautiful weather and an extremely well-spent birthday weekend is something I would want to ask for again and again!
Thank you to allll my lovely followers and friends for wishing me and making my day .
I am here today with my next fashion report on something that describes me the best , something that is extremely beautiful , so cinch and free-spirited . No matter how far you go in life , there is always this simple and sweet woman inside you that makes you hold yourself in all phases of life and keeps you going !
This fashion report below would explain how a casual day outfit can be simple , uncomplicated and extremely beautiful !
Check out below and see how Ms. Spangle becomes  a flower child.











Spirit, spirit of gentleness,

blow through the wilderness, calling and free,

Spirit, spirit of restlessness,

stir me from placidness, wind, wind on the sea..

See you around pretties !.. Go take a deep breath and let yourself free. Remember , fashion is not being uptight , fashion is letting yourself free.

Peace out

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