Vintage kissed..

Hi Everyone !
It’s been a while I said that and I am so excited to get back.. !
Hope you all are in the best of your spirits and having fun.
 I am here today with another quick fashion report- on the much -talked about- VINTAGE fashion.
If you ask me personally , I am totally obsessed with it , only if that’s a right thing to say. 😛
Vintage fashion is something that has an old origin but ironically it rules a major part of the current fashion universe. There are so many beautifully written blogs and pictures and amazing ramp shows by our very capable designers that produce vintage collection and highlighting this amazingly stylish fashion concept. From clothes to accessories to decorations of your apartment , Vintage is a total win-win fashion idea !
Check out below and see  how spangle loves to go all vintage !




I love the mustache shirt and my lace pants. Absolutely love the vintage sunglasses from POLICE and my neon pink lipstick. For the eyes if you want to form a true vintage image , go with the cat-eyes just like me !

So here ! You are now VINTAGE- KISSED !
Play with your outfits and share with us on facebook ! 🙂
Until then- love you guys and keep in touch.

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