Safari inspired spangles..

Hi pretties !
As fresh as it looks… I am writing in my full spirits because Mr. Dreadful Monday is so not the same with lil raindrops racing on my windows . Good weather can change your mood and its not a myth by any chance. I am happily writing to you sitting at my aunt’s very well decorated balcony where the naughty winds between the rains are excitingly playing with my hair. 🙂
AND now some business ! I am here with my next fashion report that is quite safari inspired. Safari fashion is really in and always been present in the fashion universe as more of.. what I would call a fashion- undercurrent . I researched more upon it as I quickly searched my closet for this fashion concept. And to my surprise I had a lot of beige and forest greens and ocean blues than I actually expected !
Check below and see how we do safari —the spangle way ! 😉


I am sure you got the point of mixing a lil spangle with light beige safari colors by looking at these pictures… 
I think safari fashion is very stylish and not run of the mill at all. Whether you are going for an actual safari adventure or not, you can always use this fashion style as your own street style and use it whenever you want. My idea of mixing a spangled tank top with beige half waist coat is simply to make it more chic and not strictly safari because I used it for a casual day-out.
So go different when you go out next and try other various safari inspired fashion on yourself. Here are some ideas to swear by !

Keep in touch and inspired !

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