Black Vs. White…

Hi Everyone !
How are you doing?
Hope you had a great weekend and all ready to say A BIG hello to Mr. Dreadful Monday once again. I am here with my next fashion report on the monochromatic colors and how it is flooding the fashion industry !
Over the weekend I did become the noncom of this popular fashion trend and extremely excited to share it with you.. ! scroll down and see how 😉


Sometimes it’s good to see things in black and white !


The Monochrome Fashion Concept is a like the Rock of Gibralter – no matter how many fashion trends change, it is fixed in the fashion world. The best thing about black and white is that it is never out of fashion. Though involving just two colours it offers an ilk of many patterns like stripes, spots, dots and checks. My favourite way to wear monochrome outfits is to block or break the colours with a pinch of another bright colour like neon. Use a statement necklace or pair of shoes or just a bag for giving instant boost to your outfit. Monochrome is never out fashion and has been recently dominating the runways for Spring and Summer collection 2013 of Marc Jacob’s and Louis Vuitton etc.


Block your black and whites with another dark color to give a twist to your outfit 😉 !

That’s all for today’s report.

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