de flores..

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”

― Susan Polis Schutz

Hi everyone !

How’s it going??
It’s great start to my week because I am simply so engrossed in a lot of new stuff. Yes! That shall be revealed to you soon 🙂 My post tittle , as you may see is Spanish and clearly depicting my new obsession for it. How I am loving to learn this language !
So..keeping that aside let’s say a biiig hello to Mr. Dreadful Monday ! I personally don’t like him just like most of us so I did try to wake up till late and prepare this- wheeee ! refreshing post for all you pretty women. My present fashion report deals with FLORAL prints as you might have seen before in my blog and as I mentioned before as well that you can’t even count on fingers the number of ways you could use this print to your benefit. Scroll down and see how we use floral prints , yet again , but differently 🙂








I used my floral loose pants that are very bright and caught my eye the moment I saw them. It has very elegant -vintage like pink flowers so I matched a bright pink chiffon blouse with it. I matched the shoes with the shade of my pants so as to not go over- board with the colors. Such outfits are great for Sunday lunches and casual day outs. I love florals to the core and would emphasize more to use them as a great style statement. This summer , these pants are EVERYWHERE. It’s even better if you have the knack of finding an unusual floral – vintage print and use it to make your outfit look happy !
That’s all for today. Have a great great week ahead :*

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