China Town..

Hi everyone !
Hope you all are having a great week !
I am here today with my next fashion report based strictly on CHINA fashion.
I personally think people from China have the best fashion sense ever . But let’s today divert this old truth and explore the traditional side of this vast country .
The traditional clothing from China has dominated a number of runways of big fashion designers . This fashion is something which is not very common when it comes to its ground use as a street style, especially in India. Thus , I am here to show you how a traditional Chinese outfit can be carried out the Indian way ! Scroll down and see how 😉
I am wearing a traditional Chinese Cheongsam top that is red in color and to suit my style I am wearing them with fitted black high- waisted formal shorts with heels. The top is itself a statement- maker so to make it subtle I have used a plain single color to help it stand out. There are a lot of Chinese accessories that you can use to boost up your simple outfit.

I couldn’t wait to share these amazing colors of other traditional outfits that I just happened to see . Chinese embroidered shoes, dragon earrings and my favorite Chinese printed fans are a few things you can’t afford to miss in your closet .
So go ahead fetch for your own China-inspired outfit and think out of the box to use it as your very own street style . That’s all of today . Waiting to see me soon? So am I 😉
See you around my fashion saints.
xoxo  –

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