Spangle Aficionado …

Hi pretties
First of all.. Thank you so much for the gigantic love and support  all of you are showering upon me since March 2013. It means much more than I can ever put into my words.

I am here with my next fashion report that I am dying to share with you all since a long time. It is the disco-bling fashion. These 70’s style of fashion took a stall in between but it’s back with a bang ! Our blog name is totally inspired by spangles- that is the blings put on outfits to brighten them up. These outfits are EXTRA chic and a guaranteed long-term impression-makers ! Check below and see how 😉
TOTALLY recommended : Play these collection of disco songs below.. shake a leg while you check out this fashion report ! –

That’s all for the spangle fashion blast . Grab a great bling dress or bling accessories to brighten up your outfits .See you around pretties. 
Happy Blinging 😉

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