Hi !
Happy Wednesday pretties !
I am sure just like me.. most of us love Wednesdays. ( For obvious reasons of-course ) 🙂
I am here today with my Wednesday special fashion report. It’s the ALL PURPOSE outfit. YES !
None of us have free Wednesdays .. if we are working that is , you can’t fix that but what you can fix is your last minute savior outfit that you are already wearing !  When you wake up today, take out an outfit that is perfect for office and put some handful of accessories in your bag to do the trick for an evening gathering. What ? No plans ? .. You can’t say that ! You are pretty enough to get all your Wednesdays booked ! =) Scroll down and see how !

Even if you wear light , balmy colors in office, you can always pep it up with interesting accessories for the evening. You could even add a color- booster pair of heels for a swankier party . Avoid darkest lipsticks for the day and use them at night. 

After a long hard-working day , YOU deserve to enjoy to the fullest . Make sure you don’t feel dull . If you feel dull you look dull !
Take a minute to refresh that gorgeous face
and how?
see now !
That’s all for today.
Keep smiling
You are beautiful

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