NEON showers… !

Hello Everyone !
How is it going? .. I am sure very well because the weather is great. So finally Mr. Monsoon has responded to my letter ( heh !) and I am more than glad. It is raining and everyone is happier than before and what’s better than that ..So as monsoon is here I am gonna do a quick post reporting how NEONS work amazingly well in this weather.  They are bright florescent colors and instantly visible in a cloudy weather , and that’s what we want ! 🙂
Neons could be pinks , yellows , oranges , greens or recently added .. blues and mauve ..You can pick your favorite color and blend them well with comfortable jeans , shorts etc as during rains (we do not want to get more messy with complicated fashion). The idea is to enjoy the weather completely and yet look chic.. that’s the  trick always !
Scroll down and see how we are ‘SAME SAME, BUT DIFFERENT ! ‘ 😉





Hope you all are totally inspired to go and do your monsoon shopping ! .. Emerge , Zara, bebe , Chemistry and lots and lots of other brands are loaded with monsoon collection.. so what are you waiting for !

It’s a happy happy month and we all are loving it ..,
Please write in your queries to me at or leave a message on my facebook page- spangle street so that I can get in touch with all you pretties and help you look prettier 😉
see you around  !

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