Calling Spring…

Hello pretties !! 
Let me start my post by blaming you all for this oh-my-god weather !.. You are the reason of this hotness and it’s just increasing !.. ooh. 😉 
While I go through the fashion news here and there… I see a lot of new trends coming our way …But before I chalk up our summer trends , I would want to write a post calling my favorite weather SPRING !.. 
WARNING : This is purely a request letter to Mr. Spring and I am totally sober while writing this 😉 

So.. As we all know spring is associated with flowers and fresh air and lovely weather and more flowers and more more flowers ! Its a colorful season and we love to keep it that way. You can do so much with colors and inject your outfits with lots of energy and fun . Check out below and see how 🙂 

The best part… you can wear scarves again ! 🙂 yayiee… printed, plain, bright , geometrical , dotes and what not ! Grab a bright shirt or bottoms and team it up with cute umbrellas or statement scarves to as I said before,  inject your outfit with energy and fun! .. Bright colors make you look confident and are great mood boosters. 
My excitement in pictures and big dunbledore laughter could totally explain how I am wanting the spring to come ASAP !   
Keep shopping , keep loving , keep smiling! :* 
oh, and a quick but heart felt THANK YOU to all the followers , non-followers and viewers to keep me going ! 
see you around. 

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