The feral road.

Hi everyone !
How are you all doing ? … I am back and its been a great start to this month. My parent’s silver jubilee celebration , extreme heat and sudden rains and of-course a newspaper publication here and there 😉
Today I am here with my next fashion report as promised …on animal prints ! leopard , cheetah , zebra and what not !.. Since times immemorial , we have been inspired by Nature ..and trust me, the magnitude of patterns you would find in nature just around you are in ..what?.. jillions? !!!
 Read on and find out how you might just pump up animal prints !


Leopard prints are very classy and totally in . The prints themselves are loud and statement -makers so make sure you pair it well to give out real impression of the style without making you look like a real animal in some zoo. 😛   I am wearing this printed shirt which is light in color. So, to give my outfit real boost, I have added a statement collar necklace and teamed that with my A-line pants. To complete the look I have used my favorite red matte lipstick .  


Stilletos – A woman’s second best friend ( First, being diamonds,  of-course ! ) Statement collar ! Our new magic accessory .. ! you will find them in  all sizes , shapes, designs and colors. It’s the new-” must – have” in your wardrobe and oh !  it is such a hit ..I picked this one from promod and its outlets are almost everywhere.
The best thing about animal prints is that they can coequally work for evening and day wear.
So go grab the best animal prints and play around with your outfit to leave an impression for good.
Hope you liked it . See you around !

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