Wanton Buzz !

Hello pretties !
Hope you all had a great weekend ( I did ! ) … Just another quick post as we say hello to our Mr. Dreadful Monday..
A fresh start for a fresh week.. hope you like iiiit .. and if you do.. please let me know ! 🙂



There is a time when the weather is so good and the radio plays your favorite song. A time when you think your life to be the best you could have…You find your favorite perfume in stock and the blueberry cheese gets tastier .. There are such days, if not everyday.. so cherish them as much as you can !
A stroll in the beautiful weather.. all you need is a simple chic casual dress and to add some glint carry a statement necklace ,bag or shoes.
Remember the idea is not to bother too much about  what is what.. the idea is to feel your thoughts from within..being stylish from the outside. Indian ethnic prints are best and one of the most stylish add ons that aurify your look to the next level . Playing with colors is such a child’s play.. so go ahead.. delve into your imagination and make life and outfits colorful !
see you around !

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