The Great Ice-cream Ecstasy !

Hello there Everyone 🙂
Hope you all are in the best of your spirits . I am back from my rejuvenated vacation as informed on twitter with some yummy, yes literally yummy fashion report. Today we talk about our favorite – ICE-CREAM and of-course- how this blissful piece of human creation has melted nicely on our fashion kingdom .
As the summers set in , we turn to the subtle , lighter shades as that’s our old time fashion rule.. and why not !? we have enough heat to handle already?!!
So here I am.. with another post to evince what’s hot..actually cool this summer 🙂
The mauves and light pinks and light greens and blues are extremely cool this summer.. also.. what has changed is how you use these light colors – with light colors. Keep in mind your favorite ice-cream and choose your colors for a bright sunny day. And well, if your favorite is a Dark chocolate, then make sure you wear that @ night . 😛
Above I am wearing my favorite ice-cream colors- blackcurrent (which is not literally black- obviously)   and Strawberry.. Both shades are light and perfect for a day-out with friends.
I blocked my colors and gave an extra tinge of brown leather boots and a bag- why-?… We need to slow down somewhere because we don’t want to be Nicki Minaj as we don’t live on starships, but streets 😉
So this is all for today, hope this fashion report made your brain  flooded with ideas for the new ”ice-cream section” in your wardrobe and I am sure it made you yen for some delicious ice-cream as well.
See you all soon- Happy shopping , happy eating !

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