Spiffed up !!

                                  ”A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Hi Everyone !
Hope you all are doing very well… Extremely overwhelmed and touched to see that all of you have liked my posts soo much . Its a great feeling to see how more than 700 people just in soo much less time  across the world have viewed and appreciated my work. I am looking forward  to share and  come up with a lot of more stuff to keep ‘us’ going 🙂

Just another quick post for all you pretty women !


There are endless fashion trends popping up each day in every designer, blogger or stylist’s mind all over the world. The  multeity of fashionism, as I call,  has been growing each day and will always. But since Hepburn’s era and much before that , what has never changed is  THE CLASSIC LOOK. This effortless and facile outfit can NEVER EVER go wrong !
Above I am wearing a fitted white crisp blazer  teamed up with a velutinous royal blue dress. To block the colours ( my favourite fashion chicanery !! ) , I have used a statement necklace in red. These clear as a bell color combinations and contrasts like the blue-white-red and a lot of others are a must have in every woman or even a man’s wardrobe .

World is already byzantine my friends, lets keep things simple and classy .
Thank for reading!

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