Blossomy Dreams !

The earth laughs in flowers.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi everyone !

How are you all ?

Today I am here with another set of one my favorite patterns- THE FLORAL ! Just when you thought while expeditiously going through your wardrobe – its one of those..sad.. dull , dusty days, grab in  a beautiful English floral printed shirt or dress ,blazer or simply a pair  jeggings and see how you boost up  your mood  while giving a scrumptious  treat  to the onlookers !


Above I am wearing a short floral dress with a rich English print.. and a simple black cardigan ( sleek ones at ZARA) For the make up I have used my daily B-B cream ( maybelline, currently) and peachish pink matte lipstick to brighten up my face for the day..Remember to keep it simple while using such bright patterns and let them do the talking   ! Floral – if carried well are ultra chic super comfortable and our all time favorites during springs and summer..  Go grab your floral outfit – make sure we’ve never seen it before and show us ! 🙂


Thanks 🙂



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Saloni Khera says:

    One of the most elegant day time wears that I have ever seen. You are very good at what you are do. Good Luck for the future and keep posting! 🙂


  2. i just love this dress on you..!!
    it makes you look like a little doll..!!!
    and yes!! indeed, the way you have styled it is commendable…!!
    just like an LBD a floral skater dress is also a wardrobe staple !!
    good luck !!


  3. Gurbany1 says:

    Thanks sooo much !!! THE comments are soo encouraging ! keep reading !


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