All that glitters might not be gold, but spangled !

Hi everyone..
Happy Wednesday  evening ! 🙂
While I know all you pretty girls are waiting for this day to get some extra attention and benefits for being- ladies !.. short-listing the places you gonna crash and have ‘free’ drinks at.. I thought of quickly publishing this post to help save your time and the stress you’ve been having since morning.. ( aa..! don’t hide it from me 😛 )

So here I am with another post to refresh your minds and remind you of our forgotten yet famous fashion combo !.. blaaaaack and gold ! .. ta -da !
yes ! this combo is  feeling immensely ignored because neons and prints and colours have taken over.. but, I am here to bring to you our old friend- black and gold. This contrast is easy and very classy and well..our last minute savior- from an evening out with the girlies, or your cute bf or party party ! .. its gonna save you from all the ”last minute- aaa! what to wear” stress.. just grab your lil black dress or a plain classic shirt/top- accessorize ..and boom ! its going to work no matter what !
 My favourite make up for all evenings is undoubtedly the smokey  eye or the cat eye.. they look amazingly pretty and make your eyes stand out .. go bold , dramatic eyes with a heavy yet neatly done smokey eye and nude , shiny lipgloss… or simply go for the cat eye and a signature red lipstick. Don’t forget to complete your looks with a voluminous mascara as it gives your eyes proper definition and those- winks 😉  . Highlight your eyebrows and cheek bones as well.  I LOVE, the trendy dark shades of red for evenings  .. they suit every skin shade and are a statement maker !

Above I am wearing a black fitted dress and various gold chains I found in my closet .. if you have a lot of gold accessories .. make sure you follow a quick theme.. like wear the jungle theme with owls and butterflies and leaves  etc. together,  or go with whatever you have like a camera and a frame and glass chains etc.

pros : All the concentration is on your neck and fingers ie: the add ons do your main job.. phew phew?!
cons : Handling too many chains after four or five Martinis can be a lil job, so watch out, don’t get entangled  !.. 😛  

HAVE FUN YOU GIRLS ! will be waiting for ‘The stories’ you tell me next morning in your hangovers 😛


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